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icy purple head 3

What is icy purple head 3?

icy purple head 3 is the highly anticipated sequel to the smash hit icy purple head 2. In this wacky new installment, players take control of Larry the Leprechaun as he tries to collect pots of gold while avoiding the slippery slopes and treacherous terrain of a frozen mountain landscape. With its striking icy purple visuals and zany atmosphere, icy purple head 3 looks to build on the addictive gameplay and off-the-wall humor that made its predecessors a cult classic.

How to Play icy purple head 3

Players guide Larry through various snowy levels by jumping, sliding, and bumping his oversized purple head into interactive objects on the screen. Coins and gems are scattered throughout each stage and collecting them all is key to reaching the end. But watch out - the terrain is constantly shifting and you never know when an avalanche might come rumbling down the slopes! It takes lightning-fast reflexes and hair-brained strategies to keep Larry alive in this frozen fantasy world.

Where to play icy purple head 3

icy purple head 3 will be available for play exclusively on This new online portal is dedicated to hosting the most offbeat and peculiar indie games around. What better place to find Larry's latest frozen fete?

Game Developer

icy purple head 3 is the creation of Minion Games, the small indie studio behind this unique video game franchise. Led by design guru Marco Minion, their passion for creating absurdist worlds and gameplay shines through with each new entry.


icy purple head 3 will be playable directly in your browser on No downloads necessary - just click and you're transported to the icy peaks! Compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android browsers.


With its one-of-a-kind aesthetic and emphasis on wild adventure over realism, icy purple head 3 looks primed to build on this cult classic series. Players new and old can look forward to guiding Larry through vibrantly hued levels while avoiding danger around every slippery corner. Just watch out - things are bound to get crazier in the highest of these icy peaks!